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Feeding systems


Pressure tanks and gravity tanks are material transfer systems, necessary to feed dosing pumps. Depending on the products, such as oils, anaerobic and cyanoacrylic glues, greases, these systems, pressurised or not, allow the supply of low and medium viscosity fluids at a constant and adjustable pressure.

  • Pressure Tanks

    Pressure vessels are used to feed low and medium viscosity fluids (oils, glues, greases, resins) at a constant and adjustable pressure to a dosing pump. Tank capacities range from 1L to 20L and many options are available such as high or low outlet, agitator and low level sensor.

  • Pressure Tanks DELO

    The DELO-XPRESS 951 pressure tank (DELO-XPRESS 951 NK) is used with containers of up to one litre and is exclusively suitable for the pneumatic transfer of homogeneous substances with low to pasty viscosity qualities. All DELO single component products can be used.

  • Gravity tanks

    Gravity tanks are used for emptying a drum of low and medium viscosity fluids by gravity. The fluid canister is screwed onto the tank cap and the fluid flows into the tank. The tank capacity varies between 1L and 5L and has "empty" and "almost empty" level sensors to prevent production stoppage.


The challenges of dispensing today go beyond the choice of dispensing equipment. The implementation and integration of a dispensing process on a production line are essential to allow you to achieve optimal productivity.

The choice of the emptying system and the transfer of material from its original packaging to the dispensing equipment is essential.


Gravity tanks are a simple and economical solution for the transfer of low viscosity materials through gravity flow. These tanks can be used on production lines without stopping production thanks to the level sensors and the buffer tank.

The pressure tanks can be used to prepare and agitate (if necessary) the material before it is fed to the dosing pump at constant pressure thanks to the air regulator. They have different options, agitator, level sensor, high or low outlet to meet specific needs. These tanks comply with the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED).