Industrial bonding and dosing test laboratory - Supratec Syneo

Get ready to perform your industrial bonding and dispensing tests in our App'Lab laboratory

Are you a design office needing application testing for bonding and dosing?
Are you looking for advice on which adhesives to use?

Perhaps you have already chosen an adhesive and are looking for the right equipment to assemble your parts?

Whatever your needs, we gladly invite you to our laboratory. With our experts, move from theory to practice!

Simply tell us about your technical constraints, and we'll help you find the tailor-made solution that matches your needs. By bringing our equipment to your disposal, our experts will be on hand to guide you as you work on your prototypes.

Technicien utilisant une machine Syneo

Our dedicated bonding laboratory is yours for a few hours.

The day or half-day we spend together carrying out your bonding test will save you time. You'll end your day with clearly defined application parameters to prepare your future production, from adhesive properties to product knowledge, material behaviour, or assembly methods.

Assembly by bonding

Do you need to choose a suitable adhesive for your application, or are you looking for an alternative to riveting or welding your parts? Bonding can be the answer to your needs. After reviewing your specifications to identify the adhesives that best match your requirements, our teams will explain the pros and cons of each bonding method. Our strength? We advise you on the most durable and economically optimised solution.

Application parameters

Come and test your adhesive in a real-life situation, or discover new adhesives adapted to the surfaces of your materials: mixing, behaviour, storage, curing time, exposure time, polymerisation time, surface tension, UV power, room humidity level, price... In our laboratory, enrich your assumptions with concrete elements and prepare to rapidly move on to operational mode.

Expert equipment

Depending on your chosen adhesive, prepare your future parts production with all the necessary equipment: volumetric dispenser, robot, UV lamp, oven, plasma treatment, weighing equipment, etc. We can help you achieve your pre-production phase before you move on to certification. If needed, you also have the option to rent our equipment to carry out your pre-production in-house.

Dosing and dispensing

Are you looking to apply glue, ink, resin, epoxy, silicone, or even grease, oil, food, and cosmetics? With our equipment, you can fine tune specific parameters to determine the most suitable application, the correct quantity for each part, the dosing speed, the timing, etc. A trial session in our laboratory lets you control several factors, from disassembling and cleaning to quick and easy systems maintenance.

The Syneo edge

One week maximum to access our laboratory.

Does your busy schedule prevent you from coming on-site? We can organise an initial videoconference meeting easily.

Why choose Syneo to perform your tests?

  • Syneo has been an expert in industrial adhesives and bonding techniques since 1994.
  • We are also experts in dosing since 2007.
  • Around a hundred industrial tests are carried out in our laboratory every year.
  • We offer a wide range of cutting-edge equipment, the most innovative on the market, for all use cases and all industrial sectors.
  • Syneo is your single point of contact to support your project from start to finish.
  • Enjoy personalised support: we install your dosing and dispensing equipment on your premises and train your teams to use the equipment.