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Customised dispensing systems

The collaboration between SUPRATEC Syneo and SUPRATEC Lormac allows the design of semi-automatic and automatic bonding and dispensing machines, made to measure. These special dispensing systems combine the skills of Syneo, a specialist in industrial bonding, and the know-how of Lormac in the automation of manufacturing processes.

  • Thermal paste dispensing systems

    The eDisp cell is a standard dispensing cell that can integrate various dispensing related systems (system emptying, plasma treatment, volumetric dispensing system). The cell has a modular profile frame and numerous options for integrating systems on the front panels. The eDisp cell is fully secured with integrated light curtains for operator protection and is CE certified.

  • UV curing and dispensing system

    The eDisp is a standard dispensing cell that can be used in laboratories for various grease, silicone or UV adhesive dispensing tests. The eDisp cell has a UV chamber to cure the parts immediately after gluing. The operator has an ergonomic workstation with all systems within easy reach and secured by light curtains or door opening sensors.

  • UV bonding system : Automatic assembly of rotors

    This automatic UV bonding and dispensing system is designed for bonding ferrites on a rotor axis. After loading the components to be assembled, the rotor is handled by a 6-axis robot in the heart of the automatic chamber. The distribution and gluing of all the ferrites is carried out simultaneously by closing the jaws. The glue application, gluing, UV exposure and concentricity control operations ensure maximum productivity in the application.

  • Special assembly machine : Luminaire bonding

    This customised assembly machine is designed for gluing together the components of a public lighting system. After manual loading of the components, the machine applies a continuous bead of adhesive using a volumetric dispenser. The elements are then assembled by gluing and UV curing before the automatic screwing of the gland and the manual unloading of the part.

Turnkey bonding solution

The collaboration between Lormac and Syneo, subsidiaries of the Supratec Group, has made it possible to design automatic gluing machines that fully meet the customer’s need for automation of its production. Lormac was the sole project manager for the entire project from A to Z. From the planning stage, through design, operator training and start-up, to final delivery to the customer, the Lormac team provides the customer with a turnkey automated assembly solution. This bonded assembly solution is possible thanks to the synergy of the bonding and engineering skills of the two entities of the Supratec Group.

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