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Dispensing systems

Consumables and dispensing accessories

A dispensing system needs a series of accessories, such as syringes, cartridges, needles and static mixers. SUPRATEC Syneo will work with you to provide complete solutions, from hardware to consumables and dispensing accessories, to achieve the best performance from these.

Our dispensing equipment

  • Dispensing nozzles

    SUPRATEC Syneo offers a range of dosing needles, conical (tapered tips), straight, bent, in metal or plastic, depending on the viscosity of the fluid and the type of dispensing required.

  • Dosing cartridges

    SUPRATEC Syneo offers SEMCO and EURO dosing cartridges from 70 cc to 1000 cc.

  • Dosing syringes

    The syringes are available in 3cc to 300cc versions. The material of the syringes is polypropylene and can be available in several colours, orange, green and black for light sensitive UV adhesives.

  • Static Mixers

    SUPRATEC Syneo offers a wide range of static mixers for two-component dispensing (Type A, Type B, Type C, Type F and Type K).

Choice of dispensing system

The choice of a dispensing system is critical to the success of your dispensing project. It must be configured to deliver the quality and repeatability you expect from your production lines. A dispensing project must integrate all dispensing parameters to limit operator intervention time and maintenance costs.

Therefore, 3 major functions must be separated:

  • The extraction part of the original container (e.g. 30ml syringe, 310ml cartridge, double cartridge etc.)
  • The homogenisation part of the product, with its mixing, vacuum or temperature control in order to obtain a similar product with a continuous flow.
  • The dosing head part, in mono or bi-component which will allow to have the right dosing.
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Consumables & Accessories

Following the choice of the dosing system, it is important to define the best accessories and consumables necessary for optimal dosing.

From syringes and cartridge systems to dispensing needles, via static mixers, SUPRATEC Syneo offers a complete selection of dispensing consumables to industrialists.

Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can build your project together.