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Polymerisation equipment

UV ovens and conveyors

UV LED lamps

UV lamps cure light sensitive adhesives in seconds.

Easily integrated into an assembly line, UV lamps combine flexibility of use with increased productivity.

Discover our UV adhesives

  • UV oven

    The UV oven is an enclosure that allows the curing of photosensitive adhesives in a safe way thanks to the door opening sensor. Several lamp configurations (DELOLUX 20 and 202) are possible thanks to the modularity of the top plate of the oven.

UV curing chamber

he UV oven is used in the bonding and curing process of UV light-sensitive adhesives. After the adhesive has been applied, the glued part is placed in the UV oven for a few seconds so that the polymerisation can take place safely.

The UV oven has shelves that can be adjusted to different heights depending on the workpiece and the exposure distance to be observed. The oven door is equipped with a safety sensor that cuts off all power and the light source if the oven is not completely closed.

The UV oven is used for bonding applications in prototyping and laboratory as well as on semi-automatic production lines.