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SUPRATEC Syneo Company

Specialist in bonding and dispensing solutions

SUPRATEC Syneo now has more than 500 industrial applications and works with leading French manufacturers.

Since 1994, SUPRATEC Syneo has been providing its customers with a complete range of products for the assembly of materials: technical glue and resin, silicone, surface treatment equipment, dispensing equipment, UV curing systems, complete machines.

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SUPRATEC Syneo's strength

Our teams are distinguished by their ability to provide more than just a product, but a complete solution aimed at optimising your assembly and dosing processes.
SUPRATEC Syneo supports you, from the audit to the industrialisation of your process.

SUPRATEC Syneo in a few figures

  • 230 M

    The number of smart cards bonded by SUPRATEC Syneo in one year

  • 70%

    The percentage of cosmetic brands that work with SUPRATEC Syneo for the development of their parckaging

The power of SUPRATEC Group

SUPRATEC Syneo is a SUPRATEC brand, a company that offers industrialists solutions aimed at optimising their productivity.

SUPRATEC Syneo goes beyond the expectations of its customers by drawing on the resources of the various SUPRATEC brands to design customised assembly and dosing solutions : Supratec JMD ; Supraero ; Supratec Lormac ; Supratec Enomax.

Responsabilité sociétale des entreprises

Our ambition is to meet the industrial challenges of tomorrow in a spirit of social and environmental responsibility. With regard to the challenges of the energy transition, we are implementing responsible growth in all of our businesses and creating innovative solutions for assembly, the security of goods and people, and environmental technologies.