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Feeding systems

Barrel Emptying Systems

Suction, transport and dosing of medium to high viscosity fluids

The “Drum Emptying” system is the ideal solution for the transfer and transport of large volume fluids for all sizes and shapes of packaging, up to a capacity of 1500 litres.

The drum emptying system is equipped with a volumetric pump, perfectly adapted to the transfer of medium to high viscosity products, and to products loaded with particles such as glues, resins and silicones, greases, brazing pastes, etc.

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  • 1C Volumetric Barrel Emptying System: CP-20

    The CP-20 volumetric barrel emptying system is designed for emptying 25L drums containing medium to high viscosity fluids, such as silicone, adhesives, grease, polymers that cannot flow by themselves. The system consists of an emptying pump (rotor), which regularly pumps highly shear sensitive products. This pump sucks the fluid with the help of a follower plate adapted to the diameter of the drum. The drum vacuum is then used to feed the product to the dosing systems.

  • 2C Volumetric Barrel Emptying System: CPD-20

    The CPD-20 volumetric barrel emptying system is designed to empty two 25L barrels containing medium to high viscosity fluids, such as silicone, adhesives, grease, polymers that cannot flow by themselves. It allows to feed the product to the two-component dosing systems by emptying the two drums. This system has an automatic switch between the two barrels for continuous operation on production lines.

  • Piston Barrel Emptying system: TCP-1800N

    The piston barrel emptying system is designed to empty 20 to 25 litre drums. The system consists of a follower plate that presses on the product, a piston that allows the product to be sucked into the dosing pump via the conveying pipes. The system is used for products that are not sensitive to shearing because it works at high pressure.

Barrel Emptying System: customised assembly and in-line integration

The “Barrel Emptying” system is based on a tailor-made combination of several pieces of equipment and meets the needs of every application for fluid transport, suction or material dosing. It is also characterised by its flexibility and modularity. Each component can be combined to form a customised unit that can be integrated into an automatic production line.

The entire “Barrel Emptying” system consists of :

  • a pneumatic lifting device (6 bar pressure)
  • a double function volumetric dosing pump for the transfer of fluids
  • a follower plate with scraper

For the transport of products with bubbles, a degassing system is added to the initial configuration and prepares the material for dispensing. This treatment system, integrated into the drum emptying system, operates continuously to avoid interruptions in the production line.

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Volumetric dosing pump: central element of the "Barrel emptying" system

The volumetric dosing pump is the central element of the drum emptying system.

The pump and the follower plate are lowered to the point of contact with the material in the drum. The dosing pump is equipped with a “worm screw”, which guarantees a constant flow of product dosing, with precision and repeatability, without interruption or pulsation.

The excellent suction properties of the positive displacement pump allow a “pumping” rate of up to 15 L/min. No pressure is exerted when the plate is lowered. The movement is entirely controlled by the pneumatic module and thus avoids any risk of material overflowing from the sides. At the end of the operation, the residual amount of material is less than 1%!