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Dispensing robots

Customised dispensing robots

SUPRATEC Syneo offers customised dosing robot solutions with x-, y- and z-axes of configurable lengths, which can be up to several metres long. Customised robots can be offered with beam heights, a base plate to suit your needs.

  • Dispensing station - 5 axis

    The 5-axis digitised tables or dispensing stations are designed for dosing applications and feature a purge function on the control panel and a selection of 100 programs on the front panel. Robot programming is very simple using the remote control. The robots are table-top and have the usual 3 axes (x,y,z) with working surfaces from 300mm to 500mm and 2 additional axes mounted on the y-axis. The z-axis has a stroke of 100m and can carry a weight of 3kg.

  • Customised dispensing robot

    SUPRATEC Syneo offers customised dosing robot solutions with x, y and z axis lengths that can be set to several metres. Custom robots can be offered with beam heights, a base plate to meet your needs. For more information, Contact us .

Automate your processes easily

Digitized tables allow you to automate your dispensing processes. The micro dispensing valves, tanks and volumetric dispensing pumps associated with the dispensing systems can be easily integrated into our digital tables. They can be used to create a complete dispensing system tailored to specific production needs and objectives.

It is also possible to attach:

  • An atmospheric plasma surface treatment torch for all material pre-treatment operations,
  • An LED for UV curing of a bonded assembly
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Benefits and properties of dispensing stations

The dispensing stations are available in standard versions, with three or four axes for a working area of up to 600×600 mm. They can also be made to measure from a 3-axis table, adding 2 axes to obtain a 5-axis digitised table and allowing great freedom of movement on the part.

The custom design of Cartesian robots allows the length and height of the axes to be tailored to the requirements and can reach several metres. The robot can also be mounted on a base plate.


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