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UV light-sensitive adhesives

UV acrylate adhesives - DELO PHOTOBOND®

The assurance of a transparent, high-performance bonding.

DELO PHOTOBOND® single-component UV adhesive is particularly suitable for esthetic bonding applications in mass production, where a transparent, fast and high-performance bond is required.

Technical data sheet

  • UV acrylate adhesive • Glass Industry Sector

    DELO PHOTOBOND ® GB 368 is used for glass to glass and glass to metal bonding applications. Its properties and transparent colour are suitable for the glass industry, which requires an aesthetic and fast bonding.

  • UV acrylate adhesive • Automotive Sector

    Dedicated to applications requiring a transparent, flexible, fast and strong bonding, DELO PHOTOBOND® is suitable for mass-produced aesthetic bonding applications. DELO PHOTOBOND® is used on plastic - plastic or plastic-glass substrates.

  • UV acrylate adhesive • Electronic Sector

    DELO-PHOTOBOND ® 4436 is particularly suitable for sealing electronic components such as micro-switches. This adhesive is used for high speed bonding applications due to its very fast exposure time.

  • UV acrylate adhesive • Medical Industry

    DELO-PHOTOBOND ® 4453 is used in the medical sector for its ease of processing, biocompatibility and meets the standards in this sector. It is particularly suitable for bonding applications requiring strength, speed and no outgassing.

  • UV acrylate adhesive • Cosmetics Industry

    Dedicated to applications requiring transparent, flexible, fast and strong bonding, PHOTOBOND® adhesive is suitable for cosmetic and luxury bonding applications. PHOTOBOND® GB422 is used on glass substrates for the bonding of perfume bottles or caps.

  • UV acrylate adhesive • Electronic and Automotive Sectors

    The DELO-PHOTOBOND SL4165 ® adhesive is used for sealing problems in electronic and automotive housings. This DELO-PHOTOBOND adhesive is particularly suitable for FIPG / CIPG (Form In Place Gasket / Cure In Place Gasket) applications to protect and seal your housings. After application of this adhesive, the curing time is only a few seconds.

A fast-setting, single-component UV adhesive

DELO-PHOTOBOND® is a solvent-free, single-component acrylate adhesive that cures under UV and/or UVA light. It is transparent, has a refractive index close to that of glass with a value of 1.5 and virtually no yellowing.

With extremely short cycle times, thanks to curing times of only a few seconds (from 1 to 30 seconds), the DELO-PHOTOBOND® adhesive is ideal for serial production and guarantees high performance bonding.

The UV acrylate adhesive works perfectly in temperature ranges from -40°C to +120°C; with a mechanical strength of close to 40 Mpa. The flexibility of the adhesives makes it possible to bond large parts and compensates for differences in material expansion (up to 500% elongation). It has good resistance to ageing and good adhesion to various surfaces.


A transparent adhesive dedicated to esthetic assemblies

UV acrylate adhesive is ideally suited for applications requiring transparency, aesthetics and fast, high performance bonding.

Used for glass/glass, glass/plastic bonding, or the assembly of plastic materials, the UV photosensitive adhesive has an ultra-fast cross-linking for a guaranteed reliable assembly over time.

It can be found in cosmetic product assembly applications (perfume bottles, etc.), but also in glass assembly, or even in the bonding of electronic components.

Examples of applications :

  • Gluing of mobile phone speaker components,
  • Bonding of aluminium door hinges on glass shower enclosures, bonding of glass door handles,
  • Protection of electrical contacts on car mirrors