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Making a FIPG CIPG gasket


One need, different questions

In order to ensure that your final product is watertight, it is essential to make a seal.
But this practice complicates your production cycle because of the long drying time?
A second problem that regularly arises is that of controlling the geometry of the bead: are you unable to optimise it?


Simplify gasketing with volumetric dosing

Two distinct problems, two possible solutions to control the dispense of a seal:

  • The long drying time is often due to the product used, i.e. silicone. The SUPRATEC Syneo team’s answer to this is “switch to UV bonding“. This allows you to optimise your cycle time thanks to rapid bonding of the parts after exposure of the adhesive.
  • The control of the geometry of the bead is also ensured by the implementation of a volumetric dosage, a technology also mastered by the SUPRATEC Syneo teams.

Assembly by bonding!

Do you need an assembly method that guarantees unfailing resistance and a real gain in productivity in your industrial process? SUPRATEC Syneo will work with you to offer you an innovative and comprehensive assembly solution.


Dose your product with precision and repeatability!

Are precision and repeatability of dosing imperative in your industrial process? Entrust us with your material to be dosed and be accompanied by our experts.