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Optimising the application of thermal paste

  1. Contrer la complexité de dépose de la pâte thermique


Countering the complexity of thermal paste application

A world-renowned automotive supplier, the company produced thermal seals using a piston pump system with heating of the material to fluidise it. This process resulted in production stoppages and required costly and regular maintenance, resulting in lost productivity and profitability.


A 100% integrated dispensing process

SUPRATEC Syneo’s technical teams were thus able to contribute their expertise in dosing by providing new dispensing equipment: a barrel emptier associated with a volumetric dosing pump, using an endless screw. This system allows regular dosing, at low pressure, without heating, with reduced maintenance. The solution implemented has thus made it possible to limit production stoppages.

Assembly by bonding!

Do you need an assembly method that guarantees unfailing resistance and a real gain in productivity in your industrial process? SUPRATEC Syneo will work with you to offer you an innovative and comprehensive assembly solution.


Dose your product with precision and repeatability!

Are precision and repeatability of dosing imperative in your industrial process? Entrust us with your material to be dosed and be accompanied by our experts.


Une équipe à votre service !

Spécialiste du collage et du dosage industriel, notre équipe est à votre disposition du lundi au vendredi de 8h30 à 17h30 et vous accompagne dans la conception de votre solution.

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