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Conformal coating

Tropicalisation coating is a Conformal Coating product used for the protection of PCBs and printed circuit boards, especially against moisture.

Technical data sheet


  • Coating • Electronique Industry

    Conformal silicone coatings are applied thinly to the board surface to cover all components and delicate wiring. CHT coatings adhere well to most components and substrates, retain their physical properties at extreme temperatures, resist contaminants and corrosion, flow easily around components and contain a UV tracer for visual quality control inspection.

  • Coating • Electronique Industry

    ACC15 is a low viscosity, single component, silicone-coated, hardening condenser. It can be used to coat printed circuit boards to prevent penetration of water and environmental contaminants.

Technical aspects

Available in aerosols or cans, the varnishes are available in different chemical bases: a 100% silicone base with or without solvent, a polyurethane base or an acrylic base.

When using the cans, two application solutions are possible: either by dipping or by spraying. They are cured at room temperature.

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Protecting electronic components

Tropicalisation varnish effectively protects electronic components against humidity, despite its low coating thickness (between 25 and 50 microns).

They are flexible and transparent products, sometimes fluorescent (detection of the varnish location), with a very good adhesion on FR4 as well as salt and tropical resistance.