Protecting your electronic components - Supratec Syneo

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Protecting your electronic components


Expertise dedicated to the protection of electronic components

Among the various applications offered by SUPRATEC Syneo (potting, underfiller, silicone coating, heat dissipation, tropicalisation varnish, etc.), we find the Dam&Fill® UV-curing coating method. This solution, mastered by the SUPRATEC Syneo teams, meets the requirements of the manufacture of smart card modules and the constraints of mechanical resistance and resistance to humidity.

SUPRATEC Syneo equipment integrates perfectly with the various manufacturing processes to provide quality and productivity for medium or large-scale production. Whether fully integrated into your SMD line or as an individual coating station, SUPRATEC Syneo equipment adapts to your needs to provide you with the most suitable solution.



Retrouvez ici nos applications de collage et enrobage en électronique :

  1. ropicalisation varnish
  2. Heat dissipation
  3. Housing seals
  4. Glob Top
  5. Vibration protection
  6. Sealing of connectors or sensors
  7. Bonding and potting of SMD components
  8. Dam&Fill
  9. Mounting resin
  10. Anisotropic conductive adhesive
  11. Fixing of electronic boards
  12. Bonding of LCD screens
  13. Bonding and mounting of LED optics
  14. Die Attach adhesive
  15. Front panel / HMI

Assembly by bonding!

Do you need an assembly method that guarantees unfailing resistance and a real gain in productivity in your industrial process? SUPRATEC Syneo will work with you to offer you an innovative and comprehensive assembly solution.


Dose your product with precision and repeatability!

Are precision and repeatability of dosing imperative in your industrial process? Entrust us with your material to be dosed and be accompanied by our experts.