Accurate dose dispensing - Industrial dosing - Supratec Syneo

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Dosing a product with accuracy


Dosing a product by the micro-litre

Do you need to dose a product with minute precision, sometimes even micro-litres?

It is of course necessary to master the application of very fine drops of various materials and viscosities: lubricant, gold flux, solder flux,


Guaranteed accuracy of +/- 1% with SUPRATEC Syneo

The SUPRATEC Syneo teams have mastered the equipment that enables ultra-precise dosing, whatever the viscosity of the product to be dosed. Beyond the dispensing precision of +/- 1%, the volumetric dispensers ensure a repeatability of 99%.

Assembly by bonding!

Do you need an assembly method that guarantees unfailing resistance and a real gain in productivity in your industrial process? SUPRATEC Syneo will work with you to offer you an innovative and comprehensive assembly solution.


Dosing your products with precision and repeatability !

Are precision and repeatability of dosing imperative in your industrial process? Entrust us with your material to be dosed and be accompanied by our experts.