1C epoxy adhesives - DELO MONOPOX® Supratec Syneo
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Reactive epoxy resin adhesive

1C epoxy adhesives - DELO MONOPOX®

Resin for structural bonding

DELO-MONOPOX® adhesives and resins are one-component epoxies whose performance offers a real alternative to conventional assembly processes such as riveting, welding or brazing. They are used for the assembly of metal parts, for structural bonding as well as for the embedding of components (flip-chip).

Technical data sheet

  • 1C epoxy adhesive • Electronic Industry

    DELO-MONOPOX® adhesives and resins are single component epoxies suitable for bonding and mounting applications in electronics. These adhesives have a good high temperature resistance and an excellent mechanical resistance on PET and FR4 copper, aluminium and silver. The TG is very high, which avoids intrusion and violability of the component. These adhesives are also used in Dam & Fill and Glop-Top applications.

  • 1C epoxy adhesive • E-motors Industry

    The DELO-MONOPOX® AD295 adhesive and resin is used in e-motor applications for bonding magnets to stators. Due to their high temperature and mechanical resistance, DELO MONOPOX adhesives are suitable for bonding metals, ferrites and ceramics.

  • 1C epoxy adhesive • Mechanical Industry

    DELO-MONOPOX® adhesives and resins are used for structural metal-to-metal bonding and often replace traditional riveting, welding or brazing methods. In the MONOPOX® range, some adhesives have high temperature curing properties, 30 min at 130°C (HT adhesives) and other adhesives have low temperature curing properties, 30 min at 60°C (LT adhesives).

Single component thermosetting resin

DELO-MONOPOX® is a one-component thermosetting epoxy casting resin. It is characterised by its extremely fast heat curing at temperatures between 60 and 200°C.

The cured epoxy resin has a very high strength of around 57 MPa and a high elongation percentage (over 50% elongation). With a fluid to pasty composition, this bonding and coating product has a high chemical and mechanical resistance (stress resistance) as well as high temperature resistance (between -40°C and +150°C). It has proven itself every day in advanced applications for the assembly of hard metals and thermosetting plastic parts or in the coating of electronic components.

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MONOPOX® MK096: Attachment of SMD components

Part of the DELO-MONOPOX® adhesive range is dedicated to the coating and protection of electronic boards. It is used to ensure tamper-proof or chemical resistance constraints for automotive sensors.

The DELO MONOPOX AC® anisotropic conductive and DELO MONOPOX® non-conductive epoxy adhesives are derivatives of classic one-component resins specially adapted for bonding and coating applications in electronics.
The conductive anisotropic epoxy resin is used in the production of smart cards and RFID tags for flip chip attachment and component bonding.

DELO-MONOPOX® MK096 is a one-component embedding resin specially developed for the assembly and fixing of SMD components during the soldering or reflow process. The casting resin offers excellent adhesion, good moisture resistance and is ideally suited for high-speed processes up to 30,000 drops/hour.